Civil Liberties Watch

Civil Liberties Watch

Apr 6, 2010

A lost opportunity for openness

In a victory for the open media movement, the CRTC developed new web 'traffic management' guidelines. However, the CRTC will not enforce it, and the government is failing to support 'Net Neutrality.'
Mar 29, 2010

George Orwell is alive: Niqabs banned in Quebec

Uzma Shakir
In the worst form of Orwellian logic, Jean Charest's government in Quebec has tabled a bill in parliament banning any form of facial covering when dealing with the Quebec government.
Mar 29, 2010

Oh, shut up

Sharon Fraser
Ann Coulter's so-called "ideas" should not be ignored, as some people suggest, and they should not be debated, which gives them legitimacy.
Mar 26, 2010

Harper government closes Human Rights Commission offices

rabble staff
Three CHRC offices -- in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax -- will close, further marginalizing those with human rights complaints. The three offices handled 70 per cent of such complaints in 2008.
Mar 15, 2010

Dr. Sherene Razack on 'Reflections on Torture at Abu Ghraib'

Stark Raven: Prison Justice
Six years after the photographs hit the press, OISE professor and author, Dr. Sherene Razack speaks on “We didn't kill 'em, we didn't cut their heads off": Reflections on Torture at Abu Ghraib.


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