Civil Liberties Watch

Civil Liberties Watch

Feb 11, 2010
Pivot lawyer Doug King with Olympics rights card

2010 Olympics: Know your rights

Pivot Legal Society
Pivot Legal Society to hand out thousands of cards with legal rights and sets up 24-hour Pivot Lawyer Hotline.
Feb 4, 2010

Death Under Police Watch: Part 2

Stark Raven: Prison Justice
A BC woman still searches for answers and accountability in the shooting death of her brother by police.
Feb 3, 2010

Death Under Police Watch: Part 1

Stark Raven: Prison Justice
SFU Professor David MacAlister is trying to find out how and why people die in police custody
Activist Toolkit

Dealing with arrest

Guides and services about what to do if you're arrested anywhere in Canada
Book Review
Nov 27, 2008

See no evil

Matthew Behrens
Kerry Pither's Dark Days provides an overview of the political and security context in which key Canadian decisions were made to target four men and their families.
Aug 22, 2007

Report back from Montebello

Kim Elliott and Libby Davies
On August 20, we were at Montebello, Quebec amidst hundreds of community, labour, student activists, and peace activists to voice our opposition to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), and
Aug 21, 2007

Agents provocateurs at Montebello?

rabble staff
On August 20, in the Green Zone protest outside the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit in Montebello, Dave Coles, the president of CEP confronted agents provacteurs.


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