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Sackville-Cobequid by-election

The Sackville-Cobequid by-election, which was the result of the resignation of MLA Dave Wilson, has not yet been called but must be called by May 16th. The NDP have held the seat since 1984 with John Holm and Dave Wilson. The registered candidates so far:

Lara Fawthrop         Nova Scotia New Democratic Party (NDP)
Steve Craig           Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia (PC)


Apr 24, 2019
Dennis King. Photo: Dennis King/Twitter

P.E.I. election has lessons for all of Canada

Karl Nerenberg
The Greens have a right to feel pretty euphoric about the result, even if it fell short of pollsters' predictions, but what this will mean for Elizabeth May's federal Greens is difficult to say.


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