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Canadian Astroturfing, 2011 Edition

Craigslist advert seeks jolly right-wing trolls to help conservative message during election campaign

Trolltastic! Calling all rightwing trolls! This afternoon a jobs vacancy advertisement appeared on the Toronto version of Craigslist....


It comes from an unnamed social media company seeking neo-con news junkies to "help balance the left-wing bias of the major media outlets" by writing attack responses to comments, forums, Facebook and more. Ability to use humour, sarcasm and personal insults are considered a definite bonus.

Mar 31, 2011

Green stuff

Pierre Beaudet
In Quebec, the Greens have collapsed. Most of their leadership was absorbed by the PQ, starting with their leader Scott McKay.
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What percentage of Canadians won't vote this time?

I look forward with great interest to see the percentage of the Canadian population that will choose to vote, or more accurately, the percentage that will prefer to stay home.

My hunch is that with another election in so few years there is a very real chance non-turnout will only increase again.

I myself will not vote; none of the parties have communicated a platform that inspires me.


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