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NDP battleground seats

Ok fine, battleground is a silly over used term.  Point is, what do people think are close ridings that could go NDP if the ground game and organization is there. I'm thinking it might be best to keep it short and sweet. Name the riding and why it's in play,etc.

I'll start with a couple:


*Dartmouth- Cole Harbour (NS)

2 way race

Lib - Mike Savage (Incumbent) vs. NDP Robert Chisholm

Why? Savage has held the riding since Wendy Lill NDP retired, but Chisholm is well known as a former leader of the provincial ndp. Last election Brad Pye lost by 3800 votes. Chisholm knows how to bring the ground game.


*Parkdale-High Park (ON)

2 way race

Lib - Gerard Kennedy (Incumbent) vs NDP Peggy Nash


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