Oct 11, 2010
Barb Higgins

Calgary mayoral election: Suddenly it's a horserace

David J. Climenhaga
The race to be Calgary's mayor is now close enough that if enough voters who initially backed other candidates hold their noses and vote for Barb Higgins, she can beat Rob Ford clone Ric McIver.
Oct 8, 2010

Pantalone can win...

Gary Shaul
Pantalone gets big boost at Toronto Labour meeting...
Oct 8, 2010

Not Rex: Election in Hogtown

Ford, Smitherman, Pantalone, Rossi? Who to vote for? Not Rex's Humberto DaSilva laments his options for Toronto's next mayor.
Forum topic

Ottawa municipal election

I know that it is hardly as exciting as the Toronto race, but our nation's capital does have an election too. I find it interesting that will all the talk of the Tea Party sweaping north with Ford in Toronto, that Jim Watson, who is probably the most anti-tea party politician you could think of (moderate, lots of governmental experience, generally seen as being one of the more polite politicos out there) looks like an almost sure lock to win.



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