Jan 21, 2010

Obama and Harper: Bookends in a broken democracy

Judy Rebick
The Democrats defeat in Massachusetts and the unprecedented uprising against Harper's prorogation are both citizens' reaction to a broken democratic system. We need something better.
Oct 25, 2009

Afghanistan: the maybe run-off

Dave Markland
Rumours persist that Karzai and his rival will cut a deal to avert a run-off election.
Sep 30, 2009

No more elections, thanks

Dave Markland
Reports indicate that many Afghans fear violence and foreign interference in the push for a run-off election.
Sep 17, 2009

Germany and the Kunduz bombing

Dave Markland
The Kunduz bombing, which killed and injured many civilians, is being felt in Germany as its elections near. The Left Party is campaigning under the slogan "Get out of Afghanistan."
Forum topic

How to talk about increasing government revenue, Part 2

UnionSupporter wrote:

Maybe I'll try somewhere else. Cheers

I'm hoping UnionSupporter will return to lead the discussion he started. Hopefully it can be more successful than the first thread.

As I may have contributed to the initial disruption, I won't be participating here. I would hope some self-assessment will take place, and that some of the other guilty parties would similarly bow out and lurk for a change.


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