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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Continues To Capitalize On Party’s Momentum During Last Week Of The Campaign

COMMENTARY: Singh scores win with ‘sentiment’ jump on Twitter during debate, Ipsos says

Only Singh ended the night in net-positive territory. Although he was only third in terms of total volume, he started the night with a sentiment rating of 62 and increased it to 68 by the end of the night, staying consistently high during the debate and topping out at 70 at one point.

Oct 8, 2019
Andrew Scheer. Image: Andrew Scheer/Flickr

The Andrew Scheer factor in election 2019

Despite the efforts of many Conservative voices inside and outside media to cover for him, Andrew Scheer is still having trouble talking to Canadians about why he should be the next prime minister.
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Are We Leaving Liberals Behind?

With public opinion polling for the federal election placing the Liberals and Conservatives roughly equal, I would like to draw attention to larger trends in Canadian politics that are not positive for Liberals. Right now, we only have 2 Liberal Premiers. Is there any precedent for that in Canadian political history? For the last couple of years (Nova Scotia excluded) election after election has seen Liberal governments defeated.


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