Sep 25, 2019
Parliament of Canada. Image: QUOI Media Group/Flickr

Canadian democracy on trial

Manfred Bienefeld
Canada's election comes at a time when democracies around the world are being eroded and destabilized -- all ultimately linked to an explosive growth in inequality, economic insecurity and debt.
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Election 2019: What the Liberals Don't Want Canadian Voters To Know

Let's see if we babblers can do better than the manipulators er......aggregators, eh!

Just a little preamble to set the record straight addressed to the people who have spent the better part of their time attacking Jagmeet Singh since he won the NDP leadership. If the Conservatives end up in government, those people need to seriously look in the mirror, because they will have discredited the only progressive alternative to the stumbling Liberal Leader and his party. 

My prediction:

Libs - 154 seats

Cons - 150 seats 

NDP  - 17 seats


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