Sep 15, 2020
Image: Ella Ivanescu/Unsplash

Carbon pricing is like handwashing in a pandemic

David Suzuki
Pricing carbon, along with removing fossil fuel subsidies, stimulates investment in low-carbon energy technologies that will lead the way to a decarbonized economy and a shift away from fossil fuels.
Sep 8, 2020
Image: NASA/Unsplash

Our children shouldn't have to pay for our excesses

David Suzuki
Even with a later "overshoot" date, we burned through a year's resources in under eight months. That means we would need 1.6 Earths to support humanity's current demands on the planet's ecosystems.
Aug 25, 2020
Image: Brian Yurasits/Unsplash

We are living in a plastic world

David Suzuki
The constant rush to exploit resources, burn fossil fuels and create disposable plastic products for the sake of short-term profits is putting all life and health at risk.
Aug 5, 2020
Image: NESA by makers/Unsplash

Four-day work week can spur necessary transformation

David Suzuki
Transforming work-life balance through a well-being lens can lead to significant health benefits, contribute to gender equality, improve work redistribution and have important environmental benefits.


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