Mar 18, 2010

Pablo Solon: Change the system, not the climate

Pablo Solon was lead negotiator for Bolivia at December's climate conference in Copenhagen. In this talk, recorded in Vancouver, he talks about what went wrong in Denmark.
Mar 15, 2010

Why politics and climate change science do not mix

Daniel Tseghay
With climate change becoming an increasingly recognized -- and feared -- phenomenon, it's remarkable just how indifferent, even contemptuous, the Canadian Conservative government appears to be of it.
Book Review
Mar 12, 2010

James Hansen's climate reckoning

Al Engler
James Hansen has been attempting to convince governments of the threat posed by carbon dioxide emissions since the 1980s. In his first book, he defends the science behind human-caused climate change.
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Sprawl in the Rust Belt


Sprawl in the Rust Belt

By Frank Liberto

Anti-gentrification work in Hamilton is important, yet there are many potential pitfalls in it. The template comes from such "world city" locales as New York, London and Toronto, where the concentration of corporate and financial command functions have seriously altered the class composition in favour of upper-middle and ruling classes.


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