Mar 17, 2020
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Idle some more: a novel climate solution

David Suzuki
Illnesses force idleness on people. So, too, the climate situation demands idleness from society. We must listen to the body in sickness; we must listen to the planet in crisis.
Mar 11, 2020
Image: Sovereign Soil

'Sovereign Soil' feeds body and soul

Doreen Nicoll
"Sovereign Soil" looks at life and death, seasonal cycles, notions of time and how people are living in relative equilibrium with nature.
Mar 3, 2020
Image: Climate and Health Alliance/Twitter

The woman who discovered global warming -- in 1856!

David Suzuki
Eunice Foote was a physicist, inventor and women's rights advocate. In 1856, she shared her paper, "Circumstances affecting the heat of the sun's rays," at the AAAS's annual meeting.


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