Mar 6, 2020
Image: Justin Trudeau/Twitter

What's the real impact of Trudeau's feminism?

Jackie Hansen
Trudeau's lasting legacy must not be his desire to advance women's rights. His legacy must be that he truly succeeded in advancing women's rights and gender equality.
Mar 7, 2020
Image: Liz Lemon/Flickr

Becoming more equal

Shama Naqushbandi
Creating a world of real equality demands more than lip service. Increasingly, it calls for strong leadership, particularly in environments where there is a palpable absence.
Mar 5, 2020
Image: Joe Flood/Flickr

Who is the 'Woman' on International Women's Day?

Khadijah Kanji
A category that accounts for half of the world's population can't capture the oppressions, needs and realities of all those within it. At best, this renders it useless -- at worst, harmful.


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