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Montreal superhospital métro station won't be wheelchair accessible

A huge pile of money has been poured into the new English-language superhospital in NDG, but the Vendôme métro station, which serves this new hospital complex, will not be made wheelchair accessible with a lift.

The Jean-Talon métro, not far from where I live, is undergoing renovations at one entrance, and will have a lift for people in wheelchairs, parents pushing strollers, and others who are temporarily or permanently less mobile. This station serves two lines, but does not directly serve a hospital - there is a hospital nearby, one station east of Jean-Talon; it is much smaller than this new one planned.

Montreal CBC Daybreak speaking to a disabled advocate about this outrageous (and penny-wise and pound-foolish) oversight.

Oct 7, 2013

Eat local: food and sustainability challenge roundup

rabble staff
With our Eat Local: food and sustainability challenge at an end, we have compiled all the wonderful and informative content here for those who may have missed it or want to keep the challenge going.
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rabble's Eat Local! food and sustainability challenge

rabble has kicked off a new challenge, the Eat Local! food and sustainability challenge.

Join us from Sunday September 29 to Sunday October 6 as we try to incorporate local foods into our weekly meals and add some extra sustainability actions to boot!

Check out our intro blog post for more information on the challenge and get involved if you like!

Leave your Eat Local ideas, resources and sustainability tips and tricks on this thread as well!


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