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Mental Illness-Jail All Of Us

I have written mental illness being blamed for violence before. However, I'm still angry. In fact, my anger has increased has this issue continues remain so prevalent.

Everyone is looking for a scapegoat issue. Mental illness is easy. There is no collective voice that I know of to dispel the many misunderstandings and just plain wrong information. But particularly in America, where they can't even pass the weakest of gun legislation, the prevailing attitude is that all people with mental illness are dangerous and inherently prone to abhorrent violence. The truth is of course that those with mental illness are much more likely to be victims of violence or inflict violence on themselves.

Jail us all. It won't stop violence. 

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Cooking creatively for picky eaters

I've recently declared my emancipation from cooking increasingly boring colonialist-based foods. The endless parade of stew with dumplings, pot roasts, Yorkshire puddings and biscuits has me bored to tears, and I really love to cook. It's been years since I've made West African yam and peanut soup, borscht, biriyani, etc. So I have vowed to cook at least one meal per week that is what my family might call exotic. My husband has a few dislikes but is essentially an organic garberator. My youngest would be happy on a diet of PB&Js, Mac and cheese, and fish and chips. Last week I started off with east Asian cooking, combining Thai favourites with Chinese dumplings and won ton soup.

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Cold-weather eats

As a companion to the winter thread, I thought it might be fun to share what babblers are eating when the weather gets cold. Last night the CF household made potatoes and collards with ginger and fennel seeds. It was quite tasty. I recently picked up a 2kg bag of chickpeas from an online farmer's market ( and I think we'll make a curried vegetable stew tonight, although I haven't decided on a recipe.

What's in your kitchen?



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