Jun 7, 2010
Humberto Humberto Da Silva on Stephen Harper and his buddy Benjamin Netanyahu.

Not Rex's Humberto: Shalom

Humberto Da Silva on Stephen Harper, his buddy Benjamin Netanyahu, and their lost photo op -- thanks to Israeli commandos killing of nine peace activists in international waters.
Jun 7, 2010

Hundreds protest fatal attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla

John Bonnar
Thousands more came together around the world to hold the Israelis accountable for "war crimes" committed last week against the Freedom Flotilla carrying aid and supplies to the Gaza Strip.
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CBC coverage of the Gaza flotilla

First, I know that we have previous threads on complaints about the CBC, but I think their coverage of the Gaza flotilla deserves a new thread. (If the moderators disagree I'm sure I'll hear about it!)

Jun 6, 2010

Free Gaza Flotilla (poem)

Ehab Lotayef
A poem by Montreal author of To Love a Palestinian Woman. The poem is written in the aftermat of IDF May 31, 2010 attacks on vessels carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Jun 6, 2010

Alan Hart: On Palestine and Israel

John Bonnar Audio Blog
In his book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, he says the western world has been conditioned to believe Zionism’s version of history, which is “a tissue of propaganda lies from beginning to end.”
Jun 5, 2010

Israeli lunacy

Wendy Goldsmith
A poem in memory of the nine brave, courageous peace activists whose lives were stolen.


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