Jun 1, 2010

Israeli murder on the high seas

Murray Dobbin
More people murdered by Israel. It is so commonplace now that hearing it takes you to the place you were the last time you heard of such an outrage.
May 31, 2010

Join the Global Day to break the Israeli siege

In response and commemoration of the barbaric attack on the Freedom Flotilla today, we are launching the Global Day to Break the Israeli Siege as an international day of action and protest.
May 31, 2010
Vancouver Island peace activist Kevin Neish, missing after the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla, spoke to on May 28 about why he put himself at risk.

Interview with Gaza peace activist Kevin Neish

Meagan Perry
Vancouver Island peace activist Kevin Neish is alive and detained by Israel. He is expected to be deported soon, according to his daughter. Neish spoke to on May 28.


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