Jun 2, 2010

#107 - Paul Martin comments on Gaza

rabble radio
Paul Martin spoke about Gaza to a Kingston radio station, writer and activist Yves Engler, demonstrators in Montreal, and revisiting Kevin Neish.
Jun 23, 2010

'Delegitimization' is the new anti-semitism

Bahija Réghaï
Legitimate criticism is attacked by supporters of Israeli policies with accusations of racism, and the recent display in Canadian politics is another distasteful example of this.
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Canada-Israel Committee counters criticism of Israel with homophobic tweet

They removed it after they got complaints, but luckily, someone was on their toes and got a screen capture of a homophobic remark the Canada-Israel Committee posted about Libby Davies on Twitter.


Davies' goofy views must be denounced - Province ed reminds Libby mouthy lesbians aren't wanted in #Gaza

What morons.  And who does the Canada-Israel claim to represent on Twitter?


The CIC is the official rep of the organized Jewish community on matters re Canada-Israel relations.


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