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Finally, Canada gets a health loyalty program

While we are arguably ahead of the US in terms of providing universal healthcare, we have been lagging behind in terms of health promotion and providing tangible incentives for healthy living.   There's a new high-profile health loyalty program for Canadians called that rewards users with points for utilizing free tools such as medication and appointment reminders, tracking diet, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar or for learning more about their health and the Canadian healthcare system. The points are redeemable for quality health products (health food, gym memberships, golf balls, etc.) Watch their YouTube vi

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Babble need a forum: Peace/Anti-war

Babble has a forum for Feminist Activism and others but none for the anti-war activists.  The Anti-war movement in Canada is weak and divided between pro-NATO (Project Ploughshares) and anti-NATO.  R2P justifies Afghanistan and Libya to many on the Left. The Liberals got us into Afghanistan and the Conservatives Libya but both had all-party support as with Yugoslavia.

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Controversy continues concerning ethics of prenatal genetic testing

More becomes known about human genetics all the time, as scientific developments reveal more and more about the structure of human DNA and makeup. That introduces a lot of controversy over the morals of prenatal genetic screening, and what it could eventually imply. The dilemma is over parents aborting children that do not have anything wrong with them apart from having the wrong hair color, or parents aborting children at the first sign of a genetic defect. Article source - Debate continues concerning ethics of prenatal genetic testing by

The 'playing God' disagreement will never end

May 25, 2011

Vermont introduces single-payer health care

This week, Vermont will be the first U.S. state to offer single-payer health care, which eliminates the costly insurance companies that many believe are the root cause of spiralling health-care costs.
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Narcotic abuse made easier by online pharmaceuticals

Prescription narcotic abuse is getting worse possibly because of the growing number of people with high speed internet access, states a new study. Researchers have suggested that more people were using online pharmacies to fill false prescriptions from 2000 to 2007, judging from increasing internet access and rates of treatment for prescription drugs addiction. That said, the people who conducted the study think it's merely a coincidence.

Rules on prescriptions not applied in offshore, online drug distributors



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