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Apr 13, 2011

Weekly Pulse: Paul Ryan's Medicare swindle

Lindsay Beyerstein
Robert Parry in In These Times examines how Paul Ryan's budget test would turn health care for the elderly into one big free-market death panel.
Mar 23, 2011

Weekly Pulse: Vermont poised to pass single-payer

Lindsay Beyerstein
Vermont is poised to abolish most forms of private health insurance. The state's newly inaugurated Democratic governor, Peter Shumlin, unveiled his health insurance plan in early February.
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Acetaminophen in drugs because of be restricted

In a ruling declared on Thurs, the Food and Drug Administration has announced new limitations to painkillers. The brand new limitations will have to do with how much acetaminophen could be blended into narcotic painkillers. Possible acetaminophen overdoses are the reason for this limit. The Food and Drug Administration is going to add additional limitations to the drugs. Article resource - FDA calls for limits on acetaminophen in narcotic drugs by

Vicodin ingredient limited by FDA

Feb 23, 2011

Weekly Pulse: The Republicans' war on women

Lindsay Beyerstein
This special edition of the Pulse is about the ongoing war against women being waged in Congress and in state legislatures nationwide.


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