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Flag of the United Nations. Image credit: Wilfried Huss/Wikimedia Commons
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | Bill C-15 would affirm the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is applicable to Canadian law. Unifor's Indigenous Liason Gina Smoke discusses labour's fight to have the bill passed.
Image: KAIROS Blanket Exercise logo
Cheryl McNamara | KAIROS Canada launches a winter series of KBE Teaching and Sharing Circles on January 19.
Image: British Columbia Emergency Photography/Flickr
Pam Palmater | The RCMP, and federal and provincial governments have known about the long-standing and widespread problems of racism, misogyny, homophobia and violence within the RCMP for many decades.
Caribou near Old Crow Yukon. Image:
Karl Nerenberg | With time running out, the president is pushing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling process forward, hoping to make it irrevocable.
Image: elizabethferry/Pixabay
Scott Neigh | Cam Scott, Irene Bindi, and Daniel Friesen talk about the work of Police-Free Schools Winnipeg.
Jodi Archambault, a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and former special assistant to president Obama for Native American affairs. Image: Screenshot of Democracy Now! video
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The Native American population turned out for the recent U.S. election in record numbers.
Federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson at COP 25 in Madrid last year. Image: Jonathan Wilkinson/Twitter
Brent Patterson | Four land defenders have been killed every week since COP21 in 2015. Canada must commit to their protection at the upcoming Climate Ambition Summit.
Image: Used with permission of Feminists Deliver.
Scott Neigh | Angela Marie MacDougall, Rhiannon Bennett and Jennifer Johnstone talk about the work of Feminists Deliver.
Image: Screenshot of video/YouTube
Humberto DaSilva | Allies of the Six Nations gather in Caledonia, Ontario, to show solidarity with land defenders protecting treaty land from illegal settler development.
Moderate living fishing fleet. Image: Courtesy Sipeknekatik
Safia Lakhani, Pro Bono | Mi'kmaw lobster fishers in Nova Scotia have endured shocking acts of violence and intimidation from commercial fishers.
Image: pxhere/Creative Commons
Maya Bhullar | Tools to dig into the details behind the conflict and support the enforcement of treaty rights.
Image: Sally T. Buck/Flickr
David Suzuki | Land repatriation lies at the heart of decolonization. In Canada, we must work to advance Indigenous sovereignty, support Indigenous land-use practices, and shift governance.