Jun 2, 2020
Image: Martin Lopez/PXHere and Petr Kratochvil/

Unions and online technology from the 1980s to COVID-19

Talking Radical Radio
Long-time trade unionist Derek Blackadder talks about the labour movement's use of new technologies over the decades and how that relates to today's pandemic-inspired push to move everything online.
May 22, 2020
Image: Tumisu/Pixabay

The pandemic and women workers

RadioLabour's Canada Report: Pandemic hits women workers in male-dominated sectors the hardest.
May 19, 2020
Foodora worker and organizer Ivan Ostos. Image: Tess Siksay

The anatomy of a gig-worker union drive

Chelsea Nash
The Foodora workers' union drive set a precedent for app-based gig workers in Ontario, but the path to its labour board victory offers a lesson in organizing disconnected workforces.


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