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Talking Heads Locking Step For Future Attack on WikiLeak's Founder

The US media is lining up for a united chorus of attacks on Wikileaks and its founder Julien Assange. This morning on The View, liberal social fascists Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were attaching the terrorist label to Assange. Last week Jimmy Kimmel had a joke that used the pressumption of Assange's guilt in those sexual assault charges as its premise.

Although I would usually advise against releasing anymore stuff before New Year's to avoid minimizing its impact during the Xmas shopping season, Assange may need to release it all before he too become collateral damage from an aerial attack.

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 I try to be interested in everything. (If you don't take an interest, it may come back to bite you in the ass!)

 I'm currently wondering if Feminism, Unions, & the Left in general can survive the towering current of ignorance flowing through all aspects of our lives these days.

 The near total lack of interesting thoughtful media really distresses me. The pandering of news media to the lowest common denominator & the change to 'Opinion Journalism' in the U.S. is frightening!

 O.K.... In my day to day life, I spend a lot of time with my adult daughter, & my Mom. My hubby passed away 6 years ago this month. My Mom is handicapped & 96 years old.

Dec 1, 2010

Wikileaks and the decline of the American empire

Jonathan Cook
The U.S. exported financial deregulation, promising it to be the epitome of the new capitalism that would offer the world economic salvation. The result is a banking, moral and environmental crisis.
Dec 1, 2010

Let's infiltrate the CBC

Is the Corporation a mere platform for on-message platitudes about 'empowering the audience', or can it be more fabulous than that?
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wikileaks - too good to be true?

Am I the only one wondering if there isn't something a bit fishy with this Wikileaks stuff? There is nothing, at least so far, really damaging to anyone, in the sense that it might spark a mass uprising and popular revolt against the US Hegemony - but there do seem to be a few things that are actually possibly going to help them, at least in terms of pushing "public opinion" in a direction they want it pushed - i.e. the Arab countries (apparently) against Iran???? my my, that certainly hinders the US attempt to vilify the country prior to some kind of attack.... and CSIS and others think Canadians are living in wonderland and need to get serious about 'terrorism' ??? Again - this is detrimental to US interests in what way?


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