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Mar 1, 2011

The apology of Shaw-crates

Lindsey Pinto
Shaw invited customers to consultations about usage-based billing in an attempt to move away from their adversarial usage-based billing moves.
Forum topic

National daily newspaper for progressives?

In Canada, we don't have much choice when it comes to national daily newspapers to buy:

1) Globe and Mail

2) National Post

3) Toronto Star

Which, if any, of these papers is the "best" for progressive readers? If you had to choose one to subscribe to, which would it be? Are there regional papers that would be better?

Finally, if progressives put the heads & money together, could they improve the coverage and content of of progressive issues overall by organising to switch their subscription to the most progressive-friendly paper?

Feb 10, 2011

Toronto loses community radio station

On February 12, CKLN loses its licence and closes its doors after 28 years on the air. Redeye speaks with Freya Zaltz about a CRTC decision that came as a shock to the entire sector.
Feb 13, 2011

Show some love to this Valentine's

rabble staff
We are a mere $3,000 short of our $15,000 goal, and have until midnight Feb. 14 to make it! So this is our final push to get us over the ecstatic top.


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