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CRTC investigating Global Winnipeg

The CRTC is now investigating Global TV for broadcasting Jack Van Impe Ministries Presents 

Case ID 488394   put your 2 cents in.

I started a thread last Feb, informing folks that the CBSC was reviewing my complaint against took them 13 months to come to the conclusion that it's okay for kids to watch this bigoted fear monger Sunday mornings (Global Winnipeg). I guess that's what we all expected, the CBSC is just a cadre of media people governing themselves thus inherently biased. We had to go thru this process because the CRTC will not act until the CBSC makes it's decision. Anyway the CRTC have been monitoring the situation since day one and now have the file.

Aug 2, 2010

In defense of the CRTC

Many media commentators, myself included, have been critical of the CRTC over the years, but two major decisions have shown lately that the regulators can do the right thing.

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G20 Bail hearings continue, Crown appealing some releases

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Bail hearings continue for G20 activists detained for a month;

Crown appealing release of some. Communities express support for defendants and denounce criminalization of dissent.

July 26, Toronto - Leah Henderson, Amanda (Mandy) Hiscocks, and Alex Hundert, along with others, are facing politically-motivated charges in relation to the Toronto G8/G20 protests. The three were pre-emptively arrested at gun-point in a house raid on the morning of June 26, before protests began.



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