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Sep 24, 2010
Anza Club Vancouver , BC
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To celebrate the start of the Fall 2010 Semester we are throwing a fundraiser. Help support our club and our lead organization
Aug 31, 2010

How Fox North became Harper's priority

Frances Russell
The tone of political discourse, already shifted sharply right with the advent of Conrad Black's National Post in 1998, is about to leap further down that road. The signs are numerous and ominous.
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Project Samosa

This thread isn't really about the suspects arrested in Ottawa earlier this week on terrorism charges.  I'm starting this thread because I've been party to relatively little discussion about the actual name of this investigation that the RCMP has dubbed "Project Samosa."

When I was in high school (come to think of it, in the mid-90s, in suburban Ottawa, possibly with some of the same RCMP investigators who worked on this case) the word samosa was often used interchangeably with other derogatory slurs such as paki, towelhead, raghead, sand n*****, etc.  The nation/culture of origin itself of the targetted individual(s) wasn't important.  They were used as synonyms that both informed and reflected the ignorance of their user.

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CRTC investigating Global Winnipeg

The CRTC is now investigating Global TV for broadcasting Jack Van Impe Ministries Presents 

Case ID 488394   put your 2 cents in.

I started a thread last Feb, informing folks that the CBSC was reviewing my complaint against took them 13 months to come to the conclusion that it's okay for kids to watch this bigoted fear monger Sunday mornings (Global Winnipeg). I guess that's what we all expected, the CBSC is just a cadre of media people governing themselves thus inherently biased. We had to go thru this process because the CRTC will not act until the CBSC makes it's decision. Anyway the CRTC have been monitoring the situation since day one and now have the file.



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