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Sun, 02/21/2010

Beyond the Echo

Beyond The Echo Chamber is a book and blog dedicated to changing the national conversation about progressive media and the future of journalism itself.

Co-authored by Jessica Clark and Tracy Van Slyke, Beyond The Echo Chamber: Reshaping Politics Through Networked Progressive Media tells the story of the rise of progressive media from 2004 to today and lays out a clear, hard-hitting theory of ongoing impact.

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Canada's Dirty Little Secret

From my website:

Canada is pretty much 'recognized as a beacon of 'Human Rights &  Democracy.  It's been touted as the country that 'successfully' embraces multiculturalism like none other. It's known as the 'Land Of The Strong And Free'.   And like most Canadians, I grew up proudly believing it was, with all my heart and soul. 

Jan 29, 2010

Community TV blamed for cable cash crunch

Cathy Edwards
Well-known Canadians like Guy Maddin, Dan Aykroyd and Mike Meyers all got their starts on community TV. Now cable companies blame Canada's community channels for their $100 million cash crunch.


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