Politics in Canada

Feb 11, 2010

The Harper prorogue protest hits Victoria

Bob Hamilton
Hundreds of members of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament will rally outside B.C.'s Legislature today when Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrives to address the legislature.
Feb 2, 2010

"Back to Work!": Voices against prorogation

Needs No Introduction
From Ottawa, Whitehorse and Toronto, we hear speeches, statements and songs of protest against the Conservative party's prorogation of Parliament.
Feb 8, 2010

Keeping our eye on the ball: Budget 2010

Murray Dobbin
Everyone concerned about the future of Canada's social and government programs in general should be keeping a keen eye on Ottawa for the next month as we get closer to budget day on March 3rd.
Feb 8, 2010

Get well, Jack

Fred Wilson
While the good will pours in, it must be clear by now that the popularity of the NDP leader cannot break Canadian social democracy out of its box.
Feb 5, 2010

Layton diagnosed with cancer

rabble staff
NDP Leader Jack Layton announces he is battling prostate cancer, but will remain party leader.


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