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Apr 15, 2010

Why the Jaffer-Guergis scandal matters

Eric Mang
Because the Jaffer-Guergis scandal is easier to follow than complex policy issues, it's possible that more Canadians are observing the actions of this government. And that's a good thing.
Apr 14, 2010

Red Tents to replace homeless shelters?

Pivot Legal Society
Am Johal, chair of the Impact on Communities Coalition, talks about a national housing proposal to be introduced in Parliament this month, and the Red Tents campaign.
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The Erosion of National Policies in Canada: Part 1 Health Care

The Canadian Health Care System is being slowly dismantled in BC and in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. Although Canadian citizens have access to OHIP the services covered are being eroded a little bit at a time. 

In Saskatchewan walk in clinics for so called orphaned patients abound. It would seem that the physicians working in these clinics get paid on a per patient basis. The more patients a doctor "sees" the more money the doctor gets. Patients are lined up and file in and out ,as if on an assembly line. Clinics here in Saskatchewan are notorious for quick-fix treatments.


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