Politics in Canada

Mar 17, 2010

Harper's hitlist: Watchdogs muzzled and kept on chains

Murray Dobbin
The federal government consists of many arms-length and independent agencies designed to be beyond political control. Undermining and manipulating commissions and watchdogs is the PM's way.
Mar 12, 2010

We can haz democracy

Christopher White
The Prime Minister's new tricked out YouTube site is hosting a pre-approved, moderated Q&A between the PM and Canadian citizens. Are our elected representatives attempting Web 2.0?
Mar 15, 2010

NDP MPs block anti-free speech resolution

Murray Dobbin
On Thursday, a number of NDP MPs denied the unanimous consent of the House of Commons required to hear a motion from a Conservative back-bencher which would have condemned Israeli Apartheid Week.
Forum topic

UA: Liberal Left Style

As Liberals and those of the larger activist block I call "Progressives" (those individuals who are not only Liberals but NDPers,Greens and anyone who doesn't like Stephen Harper) have just witnessed a do-nothing budget which will likely lead to a federal election this fall, Progressive activists should take a few moments to think about 2 anniversaries happening this year that could help shape the direction they would like to see the country move towards before and after the next federal election.


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