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Mar 26, 2010

Harper government closes Human Rights Commission offices

rabble staff
Three CHRC offices -- in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax -- will close, further marginalizing those with human rights complaints. The three offices handled 70 per cent of such complaints in 2008.
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Partisan Politics and the NDP

The comments by NDP supporters in some threads came to mind when I read the link below.  Here is an excerpt:

"There is an unfortunate transformation that some sometimes undergo when they become a part of what is the institution of our New Democratic Party.

Mar 26, 2010

Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid

In this book, Yves Engler challenges the belief that Canada was an evenhanded player in the Middle East until the Harper government changed course and adopted a radical pro-Israel stance.
Mar 25, 2010

Fomented outrage and phoney censorship

Alheli Picazo
Ezra Levant, the self described expert on free speech in Canada, is crying crocodile tears over the cancelation of Ann Coulter's scheduled Tuesday appearance at the University of Ottawa.
Mar 25, 2010

Catch 22 Harper Conservatives...

Gary Shaul
Catch 22 Harper Conservatives is a grassroots campaign to help defeat the Conservative gov't by targeting the most vulnerable Conservative MPs - at least one for each day of prorogation.


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