Jul 9, 2010

More on online anonymity

Eric Mang
Eric Mang continues to ponder his position on online pseudonyms. A few weeks ago I posted a missive opposing anonymous comments on news websites...
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Through the Energy Looking Glass: Who Speaks for the Poor


By L.R. Wallis, Executive Director, Citizens for Total Energy

Sometime between dinner and the Milton Berle show on Dec. 8, 1953, this fervently democratic nation was astounded to learn that its president planned to give away America's most closely held national secrets at the height of the Cold War.

The time had come, said former soldier Dwight D. Eisenhower, who had led the Allied forces to victory in Europe during World War II, for the United States to beat the swords of atomic weaponry into plowshares of peace.

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Does anyone here use Foursquare?

Just curious whether anyone uses Foursquare, and if so, what utility does it serve for you?

I'm thinking of installing it because I see a few FB friends using it and it looks like fun. Does it serve any purpose beyond simply fun?  (I have no problem with simply fun, btw.)

It seems like the idea is that you install it on your phone, and whenever you want to let your friends know where you are, you send a note on it and the application pinpoints your location by GPS, the name of the place (e.g. restaurant, park, subway station, whatever) and you write a comment about the place or what you're doing or eating or drinking or playing there.

Jun 30, 2010

It's official: Syncrude is a tar sands criminal

Mike Hudema and Sheila Muxlow
Charged and found guilty under Albertan and federal environmental laws, the oil giant will likely pay a nominal penalty for toxic tailing ponds that killed 1,600 migrating ducks.
Jun 24, 2010
Police lunch at the G20 security fence in Toronto. Photo: Kristen Hanson.

Challenging Toronto's corporate security walls

Harsha Walia and Stefan Christoff
Montreal-based engineering giant SNC-Lavalin was awarded the contract for the construction and conceptualization of the militarization of downtown Toronto. The company's history is global in reach.
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Canada-Israel Committee counters criticism of Israel with homophobic tweet

They removed it after they got complaints, but luckily, someone was on their toes and got a screen capture of a homophobic remark the Canada-Israel Committee posted about Libby Davies on Twitter.


Davies' goofy views must be denounced - Province ed reminds Libby mouthy lesbians aren't wanted in #Gaza

What morons.  And who does the Canada-Israel claim to represent on Twitter?


The CIC is the official rep of the organized Jewish community on matters re Canada-Israel relations.


Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada Book Launch

Jun 25, 2010 to Jun 26, 2010
Pulpfiction Books on Main
2422 Main Street
V5T 3E2 Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 47.6064" N, 123° 6' 3.0672" W
British Columbia CA
Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio In Canada book launch at Pulpfiction on Main, Vancouver, 7:00 pm. Free admission.
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Rip offs at Best Buy

Interesting.  Looks like Best Buy has a class action lawsuit against them in New York claiming that their price match guarantee is a scam.

Well, I'm not surprised.  I just experienced it myself.  Here's my story:

I won a $250 gift card to Best Buy.  I was thrilled, because I've been wanting a good digital camera instead of the cheap point-and-clicks I've been buying up to now.  I wanted one with really good zoom, etc.  So I thought, I'll put that gift card toward a decent camera.  Not high-end, just not low-end.


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