May 27, 2009

Embracing Twitter from the top down

Viigo President and CEO Mark Ruddock talks about using Twitter to keep track of his company's social media shadow, stay on top of competitors and connect with his customers.
Jun 22, 2009

Us Now: Technology and Community Engagement

Needs No Introduction
Discussing the theme of how the web enables people of all ages to participate in their communities: Mayor David MIller, Don Tapscott, and many of Toronto's social innovators.
Jun 10, 2009

Counting on stupid

Amazon's new e-book reader, the Kindle DX, has been heralded as the saviour of newspapers. But its success will depend on an uninformed consumer willing to be duped into giving up rights.
Jun 8, 2009

Embracing an innovation agenda

With the world economy in a slump, now is the time to mandate Net neutrality and open access, and to replicate municipal ISP models that work in cities and towns across Canada.
May 8, 2009

Social media for the masses

Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are all the rage these days. We often hear about social media's incredible potential or conversely, its lack of relevance compared to traditional media.


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