Book discussion: Cuba Under Siege

Feb 27, 2014
Another Story Bookshop
315 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto , ON
43° 38' 54.744" N, 79° 26' 59.5644" W
Ontario CA
Join Canadian author Keith Bolender for an evening of discussion on his new book, Cuba Under Siege; American policy, the Revolution and its People.
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Ten years after: the Haiti occupation continues

The Haiti Occupation Continues   -  by Yves Engler

"On February 29, 2004 the US, France and Canada overthrew Haiti's elected government. The foreign military intervention led to an unmitigated human rights disaster.

There is some evidence that Canadian forces in Haiti participated directly in the political repression.

In the lead up to the 10th anniversary of the coup, will any major media outlets mention Canada's complicity in the worst human rights disaster in the Western hemisphere this century?"


Please sign the Apology to Haiti

Feb 6, 2014

Jason Kenney: Up the SodaStream without a paddle?

Waleed Ahmed
Jason Kenney recently tweeted about his support for SodaStream and his buycott, also insinuating that Oxfam supports BDS of Israel. Not only was his wrong about the latter, his conduct is appalling.


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