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Merkel government in Germany is collapsing

Amazing, as long as she was in a grand coalition with the SPD she was quite popular - then her wish came true and she got her "bumblebee" coalition with another rightwing party - the FDP and in just 8 months she has crashed and burned and is now the most unpopular chancellor in recent memory and polls show the left ahead by 15 points!

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The Rwanda hit list: revisionism, denial and the genocide conspiracy

The Rwanda Hit List: Revisionism, Denial and the Genocide Conspiracy by Keith Harmon Snow

"For the last 15 years, I have been investigating multinational criminal rackets and propaganda about Central Africa. I investigated massacres, assassinations, torture, rape as a weapon of war, and disappearance, individuals and groups, multinational corporations, state and non state actors, Africans and non-Africans...the backers, partners, allies and propagandists of the Kagame and Museveni regimes who are from the US, UK, Canada and Europe..."


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