rabble news July 22
Elder Bill Jones called a community meeting to address increasing violence at the Fairy Creek blockade. Image: Fairy Creek Blockade/Rainforest Flying Squad/Used with permission
Rita Wong | The value in the forests does not lie only in how much profit the lumber itself turns, but primarily in the everlasting ecological value the old forests provide by nature.
opinion July 22
Study time at a Roman Catholic Indian Residential School, Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories. Image: Library Archives Canada/Flickr
Summer Mahmud, Rahul Varma | If schoolchildren were taught Canada's hidden history, they would have learned that the actions of the Canadian government constituted genocide.
opinion July 19
A colourful street in Cuba. Image: Doug88888/Flickr
Ish Theilheimer | As he continues to use Trump's tactics to push Cuba toward asphyxiation, what is Biden's endgame?
opinion July 16
RCAF jet at the Gatineau airshow, 2012. Image: zJMac/Flickr
Yves Engler | While a vitally important campaign, stopping the fighter jet procurement is a rearguard action. We need to defund the military, which sucks up $30 billion a year.
rabble news July 14
Single-use plastic straws, which could be banned by the end of 2021. Image: Chemist 4 U/Flickr
Joyce Nelson | In May, Canada added plastic items to the list of toxic substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Within days, the plastics industry filed an application for a lawsuit.
profile July 13
Christine Brouzes with a copy of Driven: The Secret Life of Taxi Drivers/Used with permission
Marcello Di Cintio | Many of Winnipeg's Indigenous women have a story about harassment at the hands of drivers, most commonly about cabbies proposing "another way to pay." Ikwe set out to change that.
rabble news July 9
Assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. Image: Karla Sepúlveda/ Presidencia República Dominicana​/Flickr
Yves Engler | Jovenel Moïse was a violent and corrupt tyrant. While his passing may not elicit much sympathy, the Haitian president's assassination should not be celebrated.
rabble news July 7
An old-growth forest in Oregon. Image: David Patte/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Joyce Nelson | More than 352 forest defenders have now been arrested at the Fairy Creek blockades in B.C. since mid-May.
opinion July 6
The Lac-Mégantic rail disaster in 2013. Image: Transportation Safety Board of Canada/Flickr
Bruce Campbell | The tragic deaths of 47 people eight years ago in southeast Quebec were collateral damage from the culmination of decisions stretching back almost four decades. Still, justice is denied.
opinion July 6
A distance to the Canadian border sign in Minnesota. Image: Tony Webster/Flickr
Neela Hassan | While Canada has been long praised for its asylum generosity towards refugees, the federal government's approach towards seekers during the pandemic has violated human rights.
opinion June 30
A sign that reads: "decolonize this place." Image: Billie Grace Ward/Flickr
Javney Mohr | An open letter to fellow non-Indigenous people: decolonization is not a metaphor.
opinion June 30
Image: Rachel Snow/Used with permission.
Rachel Snow | Hasn’t the cancelling of First Nations gone on for long enough?
rabble news June 30
A Canada Day protest in 2010. Image: David Allan Barker/Flickr.
Krystalline Kraus | How do we turn upset into action?
opinion June 29
A long line-up at an election polling station. Image: Can Pac Swire/Flickr.
Hawa Y. Mire | Canada has a hard long road to recovery -- and an election right now just isn't part of it.
rabble news June 28
Entering the Greenbelt Ontario sign. Image: Jimmy Emmerson/Flickr
Joyce Nelson | AECOM's preliminary design environmental assessment -- as commissioned by the Ontario government -- will play a significant role in the project's future.
politics June 25
Justin Trudeau and Carolyn Bennett. Image: Justin Trudeau/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | When you are a minister and the people whom you are supposed to look out for utterly lose confidence in you, it is hard to see how you can carry on.
opinion June 22
Cuban flag. Image credit: Paul Brennan/Public Domain
Stephen Kimber, John Kirk | The world has condemned the U.S. embargo of Cuba since 1992. When will it finally lift it?
politics June 22
Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland after introducing Budget 2021. Image credit: The Office of the Prime Minister
Karl Nerenberg | Why bother having a fixed-date election law if no one will heed it?
rabble news June 21
Highway 400 runs through the Holland Marsh. Image credit: Floydian/Wikimedia Commons.
Joyce Nelson | Critics say the highway would not only contribute to loss of wetlands and wildlife habitat, but also would increase phosphorus and salt pollution in Lake Simcoe.
opinion June 17
Annamie Paul in 2019. Image credit: Annamie Paul/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | Annamie Paul and her supporters are right: racism is a factor in her leadership crisis. But it is Paul's inability to view Palestinians as deserving of equal rights that has placed her in this mess.
politics June 16
Kamloops residential school memorial, May 30th 2021. Image credit: GoToVan/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | We have known for decades what it will take to rewrite the future history of Indigenous nations in Canada. When will any government get the courage to take the first step?
opinion June 15
Helyeh Doutaghi (left) and Ashley Courchene (right). Image credit: Doutaghi and Courchene/used with permission.
Helyeh Doutaghi, Ashley Courchene | The media cycles in which Islamophobic killings crowd out stories about Indigenous children's remains suggests competition among different groups of victims, despite shared root causes.
analysis June 14
The X-Press Pearl before the Sri Lanka disaster. Image credit: Isuruhetti/Wikimedia Commons
Joyce Nelson | In mid-May, the X-Press Pearl container ship started leaking acid and caught fire while anchored off the coast of Sri Lanka. The fire destroyed much cargo, but plastic debris started washing ashore.
opinion June 11
Madiha Syed, used with permission.
Madiha Syed | When will my hijab be the symbol of peace it is meant to be rather than a target for hateful people?
opinion June 10
Security Council Chamber, UN headquarters. Image credit: Rick Bajornas/ United Nations Photo/Flickr
Yves Engler | The campaign proved that a small number of dedicated activists with a targeted, well-planned strategy could have a major impact on Canadian foreign policy.
politics June 9
Justin Trudeau attends a vigil for the Afzaal family. Image credit: Justin Trudeau/Twitter.
Karl Nerenberg | In New Zealand the government set up a royal commission after a gunman shot 51 people in two mosques in Christchurch, in March 2019. Canada should do the same.
opinion June 8
Four candles. Image credit: Christopher Bulle/Flickr.
Hawa Y. Mire | There is no rationale or explanation good enough. There is no room for condolences without accountability and action.
opinion June 8
Electric car at charging station. Image credit: andreas160578/Pixabay
Ken Grafton | The Trudeau government is promising net-zero emissions by 2050, but the prevailing paradigm of sustainability through electric vehicles has fatal flaws.
rabble news June 7
Diagram of a space lens, whose basic function is to mitigate global warming. Image credit: Mikael Häggström/Wikimedia Commons
Joyce Nelson | Sweden's space agency has cancelled a solar geoengineering test whose ultimate goal is to dim the sun as a way to counter climate change.
politics June 4
Large crowd of protesters on the streets of Toronto. A red dress and Mohawk Warrior flag can be seen hoisted above the crowd. May 30, 2020, by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall.
Karl Nerenberg | The murders of Indigenous children and women are the result of a colonial lust for riches on their lands.