Feb 19, 2009

I am nobody: Anonymity on the Internet

Emily Beers
Todd Devlin
John Paul Hogan
Chris Mitchell
Frances Willick
It's a subculture of madness that gets exponentially more offensive as users try to outdo each other. Nothing is off limits.
Feb 13, 2009

Pablo Neruda’s Pacific hideaway

Ron Verzuh
Chile's Nobel Prize-winning poet found serenity, inspiration and love at Isla Negra, a small coastal town a 90 minute bus ride from Santiago.
Feb 12, 2009

Second Life, second identity

Alexis Brown
Kate Kurys
Emily Burke
Jill Buchner
Linden Labs is one company that has experienced economic strain. But if it were to close its doors, it wouldn't just put people out of jobs, it would put millions of people out of their second home.
Feb 11, 2009

Seeger still singing after all these years

Jessica Rose
The crowd at the Hill Auditorium, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, erupted into a standing ovation the second 89-year-old Pete Seeger took to the stage.
Feb 5, 2009

Personal branding: Paying attention to your online image

Jessica Ireland
Rosaleen O’Mahony
Josh Freeman
Cameron MacLean
James Carruthers
Everyone already has a personal brand whether they know it or not. When a person's name is brought up to a group of associates, the thoughts their peers connect with that person's name is their brand.
Feb 6, 2009

Artists steal photography scene

Jennifer Dales
The new Steeling the Gaze exhibit critiques and undermines at every turn the way Native peoples have been represented. It features works by some of Canada's most influential First Nations artists.
Jan 9, 2009

Turn off the Canadian media, please

Justin Podur
Today, if you want to have the first idea what is happening in Israel/Palestine (or most of the rest of the world), the best thing to do would be to turn the Canadian media off completely.
Dec 24, 2008

UK playwright Harold Pinter dies at 78

rabble staff
Harold Pinter was an influencial playwright. In 2005, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature and delivered a powerful lecture on Art, Truth & Politics.
Dec 18, 2008

Making the links for media democracy in Canada

Steve Anderson
Whether you are concerned with issues pertaining to health care, the economy, or the environment, the current democratic deficit in media limits opportunities for social change.


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