Apr 11, 2007

The Stasi among us

Duncan Cameron
When looking for ingenious enquiries into political and social philosophy, you do not normally think of taking in a movie. But <i>The Lives of Others</i> (2007), the recent foreign language Academy A
Jan 15, 2007

<i>The Globe</i> in Lebanon suffers from ideology

Stefan Christoff and Dru Oja Jay
When newspapers send correspondents afield to report on world events, the position is fraught with opportunity and responsibility &#151; opportunity to share meaningful insight into current events, a
Nov 30, 2006

30 years of creative fidelity

Ted Schmidt
<i>Catholic New Times</i>, the award-winning social justice and faith journal, a beautiful 30-year moment in the history of the Roman Catholic Church in Canada, closed its doors just shy of its 30th
Oct 6, 2006

Should corporations control online discussion?

Steve Anderson
Large corporations own many of the most popular participatory media websites on the Internet. We're talking about spaces that could end up becoming one of the most important tools to reinvigorate our
Sep 14, 2006

Advertisers make CanWest Global news go silent

Rob Wipond
Mired in controversy with reputable journalists resigning, CanWest Global executives frantically assured the public that advertisers don't control the content of news stories in their media empire. B
Nov 22, 2005

Fennario's art and politics in the Pointe

Sean Mills
There is a strange pattern to the reviews of <i>Condoville</i>, David Fennario'shit play. It has been described as witty and entertaining, a hilarious look at inner citylife, a &#147;triumph,&#148; t
Oct 29, 2005

Canada and Quebec: The <i>Breaking Point</i>

Yee-Guan Wong
In our society the words &#147;Do you agree,&#148; starts the question that too many answer with yes, leading to a life of togetherness, foreverness 'till death do them part&#226;e&#166; at least unt
Sep 2, 2005

Women in IT: How are we doing?

Krista Scott-Dixon
Let us say that I ask my sysadmin (systems administrator) how she resuscitated my email after it choked on a piece of rather bony code. She might respond, &#147;Well Krista, I telnet'ed to 110 and lo
Sep 1, 2005

King Ralph and 'special interests' in Alberta

Trevor W. Harrison, Bill Johnston and Harvey Krahn
The Ralph Klein revolution marked a turning point in Alberta history. Populist mobilization in Alberta had a long history of focusing upon external enemies such as banks, railroads or the federal gov
Aug 31, 2005

Carving order from chaos

Steven Edwin Laffoley
Alex Colville began painting during World War II. In 1944, he travelled with Canadian troops to aliberated Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi concentration camp. After the war, he painted meticulous, detailed im


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