Jun 16, 2005

An old radical fights back

Silver Donald Cameron
In the days of love beads and bell bottoms, shoulder-length hair and nickel bags of weed, sit-ins and love-ins, Trotskyites arguing with Maoists — Bob Bossin was 24, and Peter Gzowski, then edit
Mar 31, 2005

I love(d) you, Spartacus

Charles Demers
Nothing on celluloid is sacred; any film, no matter how charged or noble or substantial it once was, can be stolen by the profit-driven and made profane. (If one has any doubt of this fact, witness t
Jan 4, 2005

Henry: a complex and courageous man

Judy Rebick
Dr. Henry Morgentaler is a true Canadian hero. On Wednesday, January 5, CTV will show a feature film of his life, <i>Choice: the Henry Morgentaler Story</i>. It is the first time that Dr. Morgental
Dec 10, 2004

A story of corporate America's poisonous history

Charles Demers
At a time when the theme of a &#147;Divided America&#148; of Red and Blue states is suddenly news, Philip Roth's most recent novel, <i>The Plot Against America</i>, serves both as a potent reminder o
Nov 20, 2004

The spectres of Marx

John Richmond
Dropping in on my favourite local indy bookstore on a beautiful fall Sunday morning, I inquire as to whether or not they might have anything by the winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize for literature. Her
Oct 8, 2004

Opening our eyes to alternative culture

Jane Will
There are some powerful images in today's digitally connected world but do you ever wonder why we don't see more that reflect an alternative point-of-view? As web mistress of <i></i>, I loo
May 1, 2004

Pretty Porky Pissed Off and Turtle Gals too

Oona Padgham
Body size and fat have largely been unrecognized as equity and access issues. Whether fat people self-identify as disabled or not, rampant discrimination, social alienation and the common pathologiz
Mar 9, 2004

Dipping into Taiwan celebrity to fuel activism

Mike Levin
After a fifth straight night of small-town touring, and far too much beer, Matthew Lien stopped short. &#147;I wondered just what the hell I was doing, all these one-night stands, all this drinking.
Feb 4, 2004

<i>Discordia</i> recalls the battle at Concordia

Judy Rebick
At campuses around the country in the coming weeks, you can view a rare glimpse into the world of campus activism in the NFB film, <i>Discordia</i>. Directed by two recent Concordia film graduates,
Jan 28, 2004

The wit and irony of Phil Ochs live on

Robin Breon
Zachary Stevenson of Victoria is touring the resilient little Canadian play, <i>The Ballad of Phil Ochs,</i> to folk clubs across Canada. &#147;I think Phil fought against apathy and indifference fi


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