Jan 13, 2009

White Phosphorus: And so the Israeli argument goes...

Maha Zimmo
Even though White Phosphorus is not technically an illegal agent by international legal standards, both human rights groups and international law warn of its use in highly dense civilian areas.
Nov 10, 2008

Hegemony with a happy face

Dave Markland
While it is too soon to say how an Obama presidency will impact the military campaign in Afghanistan, war planners are hoping for a presidential charm offensive.
Mar 10, 2005

Hunger strike in support of Wendy Maxwell

Alison Fisher
A group of supporters has decided to engage in a hunger strike in support of Wendy Maxwell who faces possible deportation on Monday. Wendy is currently on hunger strike in a detention centre in Milto
Feb 4, 2004

Opposing Israel's illegal occupation

Members of PAJU
Three years have passed since members of Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) first gathered in Montreal to denounce 36 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Since then, they have gat


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