modest proposal

modest proposal

Jun 3, 2011

Budget 2011: Clement's axe not fairer tax

Larry Gordon
The dirty little secret that most government leaders will not admit: the potential for additional public revenue is immense. A fairer tax system could generate billions in new public revenue.
Dec 21, 2010

Time to put the Waffle Manifesto back on the NDP's table

Kevin Logan
The issues and difficulties of what the NDP stand for are currently being played out in British Columbia. We should look back to the days of inspirational ideas and actions in order to move forward.
Oct 19, 2010

Five ways to get involved in Toronto's election

Jessica Bell
With one week to go before the municipal vote comes to Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario, it is time to become engaged with the process. This advice works elsewhere in Canada, too!
Aug 5, 2010

Questions for premiers at the Council of the Federation

Hannah McKinnon
With the Harper government failing to address or even acknowledge climate change, there is an opportunity for premiers to show some backbone and leadership at meetings this week in Winnipeg.
Jul 8, 2010

10 things you can do to change the world

Jesse Hersh
We owe it to each other to not only try to make our world better, but everyone's world better. Here are some suggestions for making it so.
Apr 1, 2010

Is criticism of Iran a form of anti-Iranianism?

Terry Greenberg
A parody of the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism. Their deliberations are based on the idea that criticism of Israel is anti-semitic. Try substituting 'Israel' with 'Iran.'


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