modest proposal

modest proposal

Oct 26, 2007

Electricity quotas: an idea whose time has come?

David Simms
Public discussions about the generation of electricity almost always focus on supply. We are in danger of missing the boat in terms of GHG reduction and preserving our natural landscape unless we sta
Oct 13, 2005

O Michaëlle Jean, I want to lick your boots

Stan Hister
Your Excellency the Right Honourable Mme. Micha&#195;&#171;lle Jean: I just want to say that it is so cool to have you as our Governor-General! Like John Ibbitson in <i>The Globe and Mail</i>, Andrew
Sep 30, 2005

Memo to Bush: The case for invading Canada

Steven Laffoley
Consider, Mr. President: like Iraq, Alberta, Canada does not harbour any thoughts of harming America. Nor does it have any weapons of mass destruction. And best of all, like Iraq, Alberta, Canada is
Jul 15, 2005

Martha's away and Henry will play

Martha's Monthly
Martha and Henry &#151; Ralph Klein's imaginary Albertans &#151; have changed roles this month. The Alberta government has suddenly made a change to the Employment Standards that will now allow 12-
Feb 3, 2005

Dr. D. &#151; on the SpongeBob case!

Jack MacAndrew
When I began hearing about SpongeBob SquarePants from the little ones during my stint as Santa Claus in the month before Christmas, I had to find out what in heaven's name they were talking about. Li
Jan 11, 2005

El Salvador to Iraq: Death squads come in waves

Charles Demers
Remember the heady, idealistic days of <i>early</i> 2005? You know, like, January 1st through to, say, the 7th or 8th? After the 366-day bloodbath that was 2004, and once the Are-the-Tourists-Okay?
Dec 31, 2004

Scott's predictions for 2005

Scott Piatkowski
Here's one prediction: Carolyn Parrish will enjoy her new role as an Independent Member of Parliament. &#147;You have no idea how difficult it was for me to always be censoring everything I said. Wha
Oct 12, 2004

Should Concordia invite Al-Qa'ida's Zarkawi?

Samer Elatrash
Allow me to propose that Concordia University, recently under fire for un-inviting Ehud Barak to speak, invite Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarkawi, a commander of an Al-Qa'ida affiliated insurgent group in Iraq,
Sep 30, 2004

Legitimancy: Coining a new word

Chris Vedelago
Legitimancy is a synthesis of the word &#147;legitimate,&#148; something that is reasonable, acceptable or valid, and the Greek suffix &#147;-mancy,&#148; the magical process of divination or interpr
Sep 2, 2004

Rep-by-pop at the Olympics: Down Under is No. 1

Gary Engler
In the spirit of fair play and democracy at the Olympic Games, I propose a new form of medal standings that takes into account representation by population. I mean, it's hardly fair to judge the athl


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