modest proposal

modest proposal

Jul 21, 2004

Canada: brought to you byâe¦Molson

Charles Demers
For years, in a media environment totally bereft of good, WASPy patriotic sentiment, the Molson family has been as a beacon unto a lost nation. While we've been drowned in a sea of American programm
Jun 24, 2004

Fiddler on the right

Charles Demers
Stephen Harper has made a point of hiding his party's obscurant and toxic opposition to equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians behind the benign-sounding veil of support for “the traditiona
Apr 3, 2004

'Clarifying' the five principles of medicare

Larry Haiven
Recently federal government officials have expressed interest in “revising” the Canada Health Act. When pressed, they insist that they have no intention of changing the five principles of
Oct 8, 2003

Powerful minority hijacks system

Glenn Walton
Our political system has been hijacked for too long by a powerful minority. I'm talking about heterosexual men, of course. Yes, them: the guys who get to drive most of the time and give all the after
Sep 8, 2003

Praying to the free market God

Stephen Kimber
Our God is a free market kind of God. How else to explain the reality that our Benevolent God of Gods chooses to smite, maim and otherwise do grave, sometimes even life-ending, bodily harm to those w
Jun 16, 2003

Courageous experts call for Martin quarantine

Yves Engler
Recent statements made by Paul Martin show a feverish level of support for the Bush Missile Defense Plan &#0151 a clear indication that he has reached an advanced stage of the Star Wars strain of the
May 6, 2003

The Gay Divorcé

R.M. Vaughan
With the good comes the bad, and with new rights for gay marriage come, well, gay marriage breakdown. In fifteen years, both will be as common as, um, straight marriage breakdown. Not to fear. It&#14
Mar 7, 2003

Do No Harm

Hank Wrightstorm
A homage to procrastinators everywhere. Consider some of history’s most despicable villains — you won’t find a single procrastinator among them. They were doers and go-getters, plotter
Jan 17, 2003

Birds of a Feather

Wayne Prior
Statistics Canada unleashed a furor in the House of Commons last week with the release of a new report on the migration patterns of the Canada Goose. StatsCan found that millions of Canada Geese mig
Dec 13, 2002

The Last Canadian Capitalist

Bob Beck
Prime Minister Maude Barlow along with Finance Minister Linda McQuaig and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Rohinton Mistry have made a mess of the once-welcome Canada, now rife with Stalinist


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