Mar 19, 2015
Photo: wikimedia commons

The Israeli election is a game-changer

Jeff Halper
The Israeli election did not witness a major shift in political forces. However, did it still represent a positive change?
Mar 17, 2015
Photo: ucobserver

Chris Hedges on C-51: They have won, and it is up to us

Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges was scheduled to speak at the Toronto protest against Bill C-51 on Saturday. Weather delayed his plane, but rabble.ca was able to obtain the text of his address, and we present it here.
Feb 20, 2015
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper

Three disastrous privacy consequences of Bill C-51

Michael Geist
The Conservatives and Liberals seems content to stick to breezy talking points instead of working towards an actual solution to provide better safeguards against security threats.


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