Oct 11, 2005

Who will determine our energy policy?

John Jacobs
Energy ministers from across Canada recently met in St. Andrews, N.B. Media coverage of the meeting noted that the agenda included golf and a lobster dinner. Fair enough — the ministers are en
Oct 10, 2005

A multitude asks for the end of the war

John Donoghue
Hundreds of thousands of protesters were in Washington on September 24 to stage demonstrations against the U.S.-led war in Iraq and economic globalization. These photos were taken in front of the Whi
Oct 3, 2005

Globalization chickens coming home to roost

Murray Dobbin
Thirty years ago full employment and high wages were societal goals and it was simply assumed that the economy served society at large. Neo-liberal conventional wisdom now poses the question: what is
Sep 28, 2005

Canada must abandon subservience to U.S.

Duncan Cameron
It is the job of Parliament to identify the issues important to Canada's future. As members return from a summer of talking to constituents, they will have heard a lot about gas prices, the dollar an
Sep 26, 2005

A U.S. view: Who supports Bush's sinking ship?

Keith Gottschalk
Curiosity about the motivations of Americans abounds in Canada and there is no greater curiosity than why about a third of all Americans, even now, steadfastly support President George W. Bush. To ex
Sep 23, 2005

The Mulroney tragicomedy: a Liberal plot?

Well gee. Just as everything was so darn serious — hurricanes, Iraq, oil prices and what have you — along comes comic relief, right in the nick of time, in the form of a great hoo-ha involv
Sep 22, 2005

Deadlock in Germany

Duncan Cameron
Germany's Christian Democrats have bought into one standard solution to unemployment: blame the unemployed. You see they have too much money. And employers need incentives so they can hire more worke
Sep 19, 2005

Mulroney doth protest way too much

Stephen Kimber
Brian Mulroney assumed — on the reasonable basis of a career's worth of deference from a lap-dog press corps in Ottawa — that Peter C. Newman would know enough not to quote his profane and
Sep 15, 2005

Of lockouts and births and midwives

Martha's Monthly
About 40,000 babies are born in Alberta each year. (That was before the lockout and all those nights with no hockey). If just five per cent of them (or 2000 babies) were caught by a publicly funded
Sep 12, 2005

Two-tier advocates pushing privatization

Guy Caron
Long waiting lists are not an inherent part of the public health care system. They are a fairly recent phenomenon. Prior to the mid-90s, waiting lists were not long enough to create the problems tha


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