for the sake of argument

Jan 7, 2005

I'm not a Canadian any more

John Matchim
Though the Atlantic Accord talks have only appeared as a small blip on the Canadian radar, they are huge news in Newfoundland and Labrador. These talks are not just about equalization formulas or th
Oct 7, 2004

But never never on a Sunday a Sunday...

John Jacobs
Next week, Nova Scotians will go to the polls to vote in municipal elections. They will also be asked to vote on whether Sunday shopping should be expanded to include malls and big box stores. The
Sep 23, 2004

The trouble with politics

Stuart Hertzog
Evasiveness, outright lies and dissimulation are the norm in politics. There are many good people who are there for the finest of motives, including a desire to improve the world. But it's a rare per
Sep 13, 2004

Canada's left can find common cause in Quebec

Basil 'Buzz' Hargrove
An extraordinary thing happened at a recent Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) conference in Montreal. More than 800 CAW-elected local leaders from workplaces across the country heard from Gilles Duceppe, l
Jul 7, 2004

Voting for the least of three evils not for me

Stan Hister
That Paul Martin can still pass himself off as a “progressive” alternative to the Conservatives is laughable. We have a society where inequality is rampant, where the gulf between rich and
Mar 31, 2004

Jack Layton: the Tim Hortons of the left

Stan Hister
Jack Layton is a phenomenon. The media is abuzz about him. On the left it seems that everybody loves him. He's the only straight guy cool enough to get his face on the cover of a queer mag. But I th


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