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Mar 24, 2011
The ' Anne Marie'  lies sunk on shore after being holed by debris in the Nechako Reservoir at Ootsa Lake, B.C. Fortunately, occupants were not injured.

Dams are a danger in British Columbia

Bob Harrington
For years, B.C. residents have criticized BC Hydro's single vision as it ignores less damaging power generation methods that would not destroy river valleys and kill thousands of animals.
Mar 17, 2011

What Japan's nuclear crisis means for all of us

Tyler Bryant and Ian Hanington
As the Japan catastrophe shows, nuclear is far from a benign source of energy. The need to properly assess the impacts of our energy options and seek a sustainable future is more important than ever.
Dec 16, 2010

A letter to MPs about Haiti's election

Haiti Solidarity B.C.
Dear MPs, Please challenge the failed approach that Canada has followed to date in Haiti. Haitians need meaningful aid, more of it, and less manipulation of their political sovereignty and democracy.
Dec 9, 2010

Ask your post office to do more for you, urges union

Denis Lemelin
Canada Post will soon have a new president and chief executive officer. Do you want it to continue to cut back, contract out and stand by while the government further erodes universal postal service?
Nov 27, 2010

Canada is backing a deeply flawed election in Haiti

Kevin Edmonds and Roger Annis
The main political bodies in Haiti have been destroyed apart from the exceptionally powerful presidency. Abuse is rife, there are no voters lists. How can an election be fair in these conditions?


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