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Feb 25, 2009

From Bush to Obama: War is still a racket

Krystalline Kraus
Canada is set to be on the frontlines of 'Obama's war' in Afghanistan until at least 2011. But what is the true cost of this war racket?
Dec 10, 2008

The sound of one democratic hand clapping

Larry Gordon
After 141 years is Canada finally, albeit accidentally, on the path to modern representative democracy? Don't pop the champagne cork yet. We still have a way to go.
Nov 21, 2008

'White trash' aren't

Stan Hister
If class contempt were only a prejudice of right-wing yahoos, that would be one thing. But this is one prejudice that liberals seem to embrace as well.
Feb 8, 2008

Obama shakes the best cocktail

Pam Kapoor
The over-arching "problem" with Obama is that he challenges the status quo and conventional wisdom. His candidacy flies in the face of the very establishment that insists it's Hillary Clinton's "turn
Jun 26, 2007

The whole truth

Chris Parry
Earlier this month, Philip Mote, a climate researcher, and Georg Kaser, a glaciologist, put out a report that could have been titled, "Al Gore got something wrong." In essence, their work suggests th
Jun 19, 2007

Black bloc chic

Owen Ford
The Black Bloc are more of a fashion statement than political threat, more sanctioned youthful rebellion than credible competition for a neo-liberal status quo.
May 9, 2007

Shift to the right? French are as bolshy as ever

Leigh Phillips
The French aren't supposed to be Thatcherites at heart. They're supposed to have a revolution every fortnight, no? Over, like, Camembert that's not runny enough or something. How can these anti-war,
May 7, 2007

Czechoslovak carbon versus tyrannosaurus Rex

Charles Demers
The CBC's venerable Rex Murphy has taken a stand against radical, wingnut environmentalists Elizabeth May and Prince Charles and their callous invocation of the imagery of appeasement, and the battl
Apr 20, 2007

Dion and May: What's the big deal?

Murray Dobbin
What are we to make of Elizabeth May's political deal with Stéphane Dion? Who wins, who loses? It's difficult to predict simply because the question will be determined in large part in how


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