for the sake of argument

Feb 23, 2007

From the U.S.: Surrendering our sovereignty

Cliff Kinkaid
The “Security and Prosperity Partnership Ministerial Meeting” in Canada today is a subject worthy of some attention from our major U.S. media. It springs from a process, set in motion by Pr
Jan 26, 2007

Why shouldn't the NDP work with Harper?

Jamey Heath
Why is it bad to deal with citizens' hopes for meaningful action at last on a crisis? Voters elected a Tory minority, and things count in it beyond whether Harper's up — like better environment
Jan 4, 2007

Progressives shun Layton on climate change

Ken Summers
How many times have I heard people castigating Jack Layton for not “allowing” an arrangement where the NDP and Greens cooperate to not run candidates against each other in certain ridings?
Dec 10, 2006

Human rights declaration: A western construct?

Faisal Kutty
The universal declaration of human rights was adopted 58 years ago on December 10, 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly. Today, the debate continues as to whether the document is truly univers
Sep 28, 2006

Back to the convention — one more time

Daniel Aldana Cohen
In an episode of <i>The West Wing</i>, President Bartlet's chief of staff tells us in reverent tones that his boss &#147;loves the podium, he sees it as a genuine opportunity to change minds.&#148; I
Sep 18, 2006

Revisiting the convention: A retrospective

Corvin Russell
Like a jovial, latter-day Lenin, a giant Jack Layton stares at me from a banner hanging over the front doors of the Quebec City Convention Centre. Layton's image and name are ubiquitous here. The cov
Jul 4, 2006

A left turn on the road to Rome

Jim Stanford
At 6.1 per cent, Canada's unemployment rate is at the lowest level since 1974. How do we explain this happy result? The standard view among economists is that the decline in Canadian unemployment ove
Jun 29, 2006

Learning to love economists

Stephen Gordon
In certain left-leaning circles, a discussion of economic issues doesn't seem to be complete without some sort of barbed reference to those who have formal training in the field. Although some of the
May 15, 2006

Green Party shake up

Murray Dobbin
The Green Party of Canada is about to go through a major shake-up that could have quite an impact on the unstable federal scene. Jim Harris, the corporate inspirational speaker who has led the party
Apr 26, 2006

NDP &#195;&#160; la Harper shuts down debates

John Ryan
Jack Layton has made it clear that the NDP is going to have an all-out fight with the Liberals in the next election, in the hopes of replacing the Liberals as the official opposition. This is sheer d


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