for the sake of argument

Apr 18, 2006

Layton avoids even a hint of radicalism

Herschel Hardin
Some time after the last federal election, <i>The Current</i> on CBC Radio 1 was doing a feature on leadership, because there seemed to be so little of it in the campaign. Various guests from diffe
Mar 28, 2006

The good reasons for the CAW and NDP to split up

Jim Stanford
Friday's decision by the Canadian Auto Workers' executive board to recommend disaffiliation from the NDP is a historic development &#151; and probably an inevitable one. And if we step back a bit fro
Mar 20, 2006

Charles Taylor talks back

Dawn Paley
<b>BERLIN &#151;</b> Several months after the first publication of the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed appeared in the Danish newspaper <i>Jyllands-Posten</i>, and a little over a month after the
Mar 13, 2006

Two activists join the buzz on Buzz

Bob White and by Judy Rebick
<b>Bob White says:</b> I am writing regarding the Ontario NDP executive decision, and now supported by the Provincial Council, to suspend the NDP membership of Buzz Hargrove. Quite frankly, what has
Feb 13, 2006

Raising difficult questions for the Left

Sam Gindin and Buzz Hargrove
<b>Editor's note:</b> CAW president Buzz Hargrove's membership in the Ontario NDP was suspended over the weekend. The reason given was his call for strategic voting during the recent election campaig
Dec 9, 2005

Making the most of opportunity

Buzz Hargrove
My call last week for Canadians to re-elect a minority Liberal government, with the NDP holding a clear balance of power, sent shockwaves through the federal campaign. And I'm still somewhat puzzled
Nov 14, 2005

An election? Sez who?

Remember a couple of years ago when it was common and incontrovertible wisdom that Paul Martin, with up to 80 per cent approval in the polls at one point, was headed for a &#147;coronation&#148;? The
Oct 28, 2005

BC teachers vs. the government: Who won?

When it comes to the outcome of the recent teachers' strike in British Columbia, no doubt there are many schools of thought on the success or failure of the action. Here are two of them &#151; contai
Oct 10, 2005

Haiti: Getting the facts right

Charles Demers and Derrick O'Keefe
The overriding fact of the matter in Haiti is: The recognized and sovereign nation of Haiti carried out legal elections in the year 2000. In the midst of his term, the legitimate president was kidna
Oct 6, 2005

Haiti: Where should the left stand?

Pierre Beaudet
There has been considerable debate on the left in North America about the current situation in Haiti. As part of this debate, there have been accusations that those of us critical of Aristide have s


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